Step 2-1. Create Test Case Document Instance

In your working area create a directory named "faq-question" and under that create the directory dtd. This will hold all the DTD-related materials for the topic specialization. You should create this directory outside the scope of the DITA Open Toolkit. (In the tutorial materials there are two directories, faq-question-v1 and faq-question. The faq-question-v1 directory contains the first iteration of the module, the faq-question directory contains the final, refined version.)

In the faq-question directory, create the file "faq-question-test-01.xml" with this content:
<?xml version="1.0"?>          
<!DOCTYPE faq-question SYSTEM "dtd/faq-question.dtd">          
<faq-question id="question-id">
  <faq-question-statement>Can I add attributes to specific element types?</faq-question-statement>
  <faq-answer >
    <p>No, you can only define global attributes, specialized either from &lt;base&gt;
    or @props.</p>

Note that the SYSTEM ID of the DTD is a local, relative URL. This is to keep things simple for testing purposes and avoid the added complexity of mapping PUBLIC or SYSTEM IDs through catalogs. Later we will set up the necessary catalog entries so documents can use an absolute URI for the faq-question shell DTD.

Open this document in an XML-aware editor. It should either fail to open with a "can't find the DTD" message or open but say that it can't be validated. Now our goal is to make this file validate.